Vodno, Skopje

A starting place near Skopje.

Flying Information

Flight duration: between 10-15 min.
Altitude difference: about 1000m
Transportation: Included in price
Times: on schedule
Season: Year round


After reaching the starting destination on the mountain,
your Tandem Pilot will prepare you the special double
seated paraglider.


When the wind conditions are right,
the pilot will lift the paraglider up
from the ground and after a few steps
you will be gently lifted into the air
and start flying.


The dream of flying now begins.
Comfortably you are seated in the harness
and experience the indescribable freedom of flight.
We will be using thermals to gain elevation
and it is not a rarity to be accompanied
by an eagle using the same thermal.


After a wonderful flight
we prepare for landing. We need to take
the proper positioning in the harness
and the pilot will steer the paraglider
to a gentle landing.